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Brian Goodman is an actor best known for his role Donovan Stubbin on the ABC crime drama Line of Fire and for his role Sean Cavanaugh on the TNT crime drama Rizzoli & Isles.

Brian Goodman lived on the street from the age of 12. He sold drugs and was sentence to time in prison. After he was released he saw Brian Song which lead Brian decision to put aside his criminal career and pursue an acting career. Brian made his movie debut in the 1998 movie Southie.

Brian Goodman received some notoriety in 2003 when he was cast as a recurring character on the TV series Line of Fire and on the Fox action series 24 as Raymond OHara a mercenary trying to stop Jack Bauer from retrieving evidence that prove three Middle Eastern countries were responsible for a nuclear attack on the US.

Brian Goodman also had recurring role on the ABC mystery drama Lost as Ryan Pryce a member of the other who in charge of security for his community and ABC crime drama Castle Gary McCallister a crocked cop with information about the murder of the main character Kate Beckett mother Johanna Beckett.

Brian had a prominent role on the TV series Rizzoli & Isles.

TV Credit

Movie Credit

2002 Boomtown as Spath

2003 24 as Raymond OHara

2003-2004 Line of Fire as Donovan Stubbin

2004 NYPD Blue as Mickey Cole

2005 Jack & Bobby as Detective Simmons

2006 CSI Crime Scene Investigation as Derek Paul

2006 Day Break as Lt Graves

2006 In Justice as Russell OBrian

2007 Eyes as Jimmy Doyle

2007 Lost as Ryan Pryce

2007 The Closer as Vince Kemble

2008 Criminal Minds as Lou Jenkins

2009 Leverage as Jed Rucker

2010 Bones as Mike Dworsky

2010 CSI NY as Tony Dirisa

2010 Drop Dead Diva as Sergeant Lou Contorsi

2010 In Plain Sight as Ray Petevich

2010 Justified as Joe

2010 Lie to Me as Dale Anslinger

2010 NCIS Los Angeles as Damien Salerno

2010 Three Rivers as Capt Lance Carlyle

2010-2011 Rizzoli & Isles as Lieutenant Sean Cavanaugh

2011 Castle as Gary McCallister

2011 Hawaii Five-0 as Commander Sam Hale

2011 Mortal Kombat Legacy as Brian Himmerick

1998 Snitch as Gavin

2001 Orphan as Uncle Bill

2001 Scenes of the Crime as Trevor

2001 The Last Castle as Beaupre

2006 Annapolis as Bill Huard

2006 The Dog Problem as Joe

2006 The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift as Major Boswell

2007 Finishing the Game The Search for a New Bruce Lee as TJ

2007 Kings of South Beach as Lt Jim Hawke

2008 What Doesnt Kill You as Pat Kelly