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Dustin Clare is a New Zealand born actor best known for his role Gannicus on the Spars action series Spartacus God of the Arena and for his role Riley Ward on the Nine Network drama McLeod Daughters.

Dustin Clare was born on January 2, 1982 in Australia, he grew up in Ballina and Maclean. He studied at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts where he graduated in 2004 with a degree in Dramatic Arts. Dustin made his movie debut in the 2003 short movie Brothers.

Dustin in 2006 was cast as a recurring character on the Nine Network drama McLeod Daughters as Riley Ward a former army solider who open up a business with the main character Stevie. In 2011 was cast as a lead character on the prequel Sparz action series God of the Arena as Gannicus a champion gladiator who has feeling for his best friend Oenomaus wife Melitta. Dustin reprised his role Gannicus on the squeal series Spartacus Vengeance.

In 2008 Dustin was a main character on the showcase Australian drama Satisfaction. Dustin also had prominent role on the TV series Headland and Underbelly.

Dustin Clare is dating actress and Satisfaction co-star Camille Keenan.

TV Credit

Movie Credit

2005 All Saints as Rick Fallon

2005 Headland as Gareth Williams

2006-2007 McLeods Daughters as Riley Ward

2007 Air Australia as Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith

2008-2010 Satisfaction as Sean

2009 Underbelly as Chris Flannery

2011 Spartacus Gods of the Arena as Gannicus

2011 The Eye of the Storm as Col