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Ernest Hudson is an American actor best known for his role Winston Zeddemore on the Ghostbusters movies and for his role Warden Leo Glynn on the HBO drama Oz.

Ernest Hudson was born on December 17, 1945 in Benton Harbor, Michigan. He studied at the Wayne State University and the Yale School of Drama. Ernest made his movie debut in 1976 movie Human Tornado.

In 1984 Ernest was cast as a supporting character on the supernatural science fiction movie Ghostbusters as Winston Zeddmore a skeptic who join the team to earn a pay check. Ernest return for the sequel movie Ghostbusters 2.

Ernest in 1997 was cast as a main character on the HBO drama OZ as Leo Glynn a tough warden trying to maintain order at Oswald state correctional facility. Ernest in 2010 was cast as a recurring role on the ABC family teen drama Secret Life of the American Teenager as Ken Field the father of Lauren and therapist of main character Ricky Underwood.

Ernest Hudson also had a prominent role on the TV series Broken Badges, Desperate Housewives, Flamingo Road, Highcliffe Manor, Law & Order, St Elsewhere, The Last Precinct and the TV mini series Wild Palms.

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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Ken Fields

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TV Credit

Movie Credit

1977 Man from Atlantis as Minion

1978 Fantasy Island as Jamu

1978 Flying Misfits as King George

1978 King as Jack Corbin

1979 Detective School as Bombacaa

1979 Highcliffe Manor as Smythe

1979 The Incredible Hulk as Lee

1979 The White Shadow as Johnson

1980 Too Close for Comfort as Sam Morton

1981 Bosom Buddies as Rochelle

1981 Diff'rent Strokes as Kwane

1981 Little House on the Prairie as William Thomas

1981 Taxi as Terry Carver

1982 Flamingo Road as Chandler

1982 The Dukes of Hazzard as Avery

1982 The New Odd Couple as Moses Brown

1983 The A-Team as Cal Freeman

1983 Webster as Rudy

1984 St Elsewhere as Jerry Close

1986 It's a Living as Dougie

1986 Mike Hammer as Digger Love

1986 The Last Precinct as Sgt Night Train Lane

1987 Full House as Reggie the Sandman Martin

1990 Broken Badges as Toby Baker

1993 Tales from the Crypt as Zambini

1993 Tribeca as Howard

1993 Wild Palms as Tommy Lazlo

1994 Lifestories Families in Crisis as Coach Seldon

1996 Grace Under Fire as Thad Alford

1997-2003 Oz as Warden Leo Glynn

1998 Stranger in the Kingdom as Rev Walter Andrews

1998 The Gregory Hines Show as Jack

2001 Touched by an Angel as Norm McCloud

2003 Without a Trace as Manny Aybar

2003-2004 10-8 Officers on Duty as Senior Deputy John Henry Barnes

2004 Everwood as Bill Hoover

2006 Crossing Jordan as Colonel Wirth

2006 ER as Colonel James Gallant

2006 Stargate SG-1 as Pernaux

2006-2007 Desperate Housewives as Detective Ridley

2007 Cold Case as Moses Jones

2007 Las Vegas as Bob Casey

2007 Psych as William Guster

2007-2008 Bones as David Barron

2008 Private Practice as Captain Frank

2008-2010 The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Dr Fields

2009 Heroes as Captain Lubbock

2009 Meteor as Gen Brasser

2009-2010 Law & Order as Frank Gibson

2010 Childrens' Hospital as Hubert McGraw

2010 Criminal Minds as Lt Al Garner

1976 The Human Tornado as Bo

1977 The Agressor as Black Bart

1978 Last of the Good Guys as El Coliph

1980 Joni as Earl

1980 The Jazz Singer as Heckler

1980 The Octagon as Quinine

1981 A Matter of Life and Death as Mr Harrison

1981 Crazy Times as Harold Jazzman Malloy

1983 Going Berserk as Jerome Willy Muhammed

1983 Two of a Kind as Det Skaggs

1983 Women of San Quentin as Charles Wilson

1984 Ghost Busters as Winston Zeddmore

1984 Joy of Sex as Mr Porter

1985 California Girls as Ernie

1985 Love on the Run as Lamar

1987 Weeds as Bagdad

1988 The Dirty Dozen The Fatal Mission as Joe Hamilton

1988 The Wrong Guys as Dawson

1989 Ghostbusters II as Winston Zeddemore

1989 Leviathan as Justin Jones

1989 Trapper County War as Jefferson Carter

1991 Miss Jones as Evinrude Johnson

1992 Angel Street as Thurman Nickens

1992 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle as Solomon

1993 Sugar Hill as Lolly Jonas

1993 The Pitch as Vet

1994 Airheads as Sergeant OMalley

1994 No Escape as Hawkins

1994 Speechless as Ventura

1994 The Crow as Sergeant Albrecht

1995 Congo as Captain Munro Kelly

1995 The Basketball Diaries as Reggie

1996 For Which He Stands as DEA Agent Baxter

1996 Just Your Luck as Willie

1996 The Cherokee Kid as Nat Love aka Deadwood Dick

1996 The Substitute as Principal Claude Rolle

1996 Tornado! as Dr Joe Branson

1997 Clover as Gaten Hill

1997 Fakin Da Funk as Joe Lee

1997 Great Soldiers as Tipton

1997 Levitation as Downbeat

1997 Mr Magoo as Agent Gus Anders

1998 Best of the Best Without Warning as Detective Gresko

1998 Butter as Curtis Harris

1998 October 22 as Arthur

1998 Stranger in the Kingdom as Walter Andrews

1999 Hijack as Senator Douglas Wilson

1999 Lillie as Larry Miller

1999 Miracle on the 17th Green as Earl Fielder

1999 Shark Attack as Lawrence Rhodes

2000 American Samurai as Detective Ron Mills

2000 Everythings Jake as Jake

2000 I The Watcher as Ibby

2000 Miss Congeniality as Harry McDonald

2000 Nowhere to Land as Danny Gorlin

2000 Red Letters as Detective Glen Teal

2001 A Town Without Christmas as Ted

2001 Walking Shadow as Hawk

2003 Anne B Real as Principal Davis

2003 Without a Trace as Manny Aybar

2005 Bathsheba as Nathan

2005 Fighting the Odds The Marilyn Gambrell Story as Perry Beasley

2005 Halfway Decent as Tom

2005 Lackawanna Blues as Dick Barrymore

2005 Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School as Blake Rische

2005 Miss Congeniality 2 Armed & Fabulous as FBI Asst Director Harry McDonald

2006 Hood of Horror as Roscoe

2006 The Ron Clark Story as Principal Turner

2007 All Hat as Jackson Jones

2007 Final Approach as Agent Lorenzo Dawson

2007 Nobel Son as Sgt Bill Canega

2008 Pien Burger as Cedric

2008 The Man in the Silo as Marcus Wells

2009 Balancing the Books as Detective Carter

2009 Dragonball Evolution as Sifu Norris

2009 Lonely Street as Captain Morgan

2010 Machete Joe as Sheriff Taylor

2010 Pastor Brown as Deacon Harold Todd

2010 Smokin Aces 2 Assassins Ball as Anthony Vejar