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John Schneider is an American actor best known for his role Jonathan Kent on the CW superhero series Smallville and for his role Bo Duke on the CBS adventure series Duke of Hazzard.

John Schneider was born on April 8, 1960 at Mount Kisco in New York. He began entertaining from the age of eight putting on magic shows for his friends and family. He studied at the North Springs High School and made his movie debut in the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit.

In 1979 John was cast as a main character on the CBS adventure series Dukes of Hazzard as Bo Duke a man who fight corrupt official along with his older brother. John in 2001 was cast as a main character on the CW superhero series Smallville as Jonathan Kent the father of the main character Clark Kent who tries to help his son deal with his ability.

In 2008 was cast as a recurring character on the ABC family drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Marshall Bowman the conservative Christian father of the main character Grace Bowman who wants his daughter to wait until she was married to have sex. John in 2013 was cast as a main character on the Oprah Winfrey Network soap opera The Haves and the Have Nots as Jim Cryer the patriarch of the Cryer family and Savannah criminal courts judge who has plans to become the Governor of Georgia.

John in 1993 had a recurring role on the CBS western drama Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, he was a main character in 1994 on the comedy drama Heaven Help Us and in 2010 on the science fiction drama 10,000 Days.

John also had a prominent role on the TV series 90210, Desperate Housewives, Diagnosis Murder, Dirty Sexy Money, Hero Factory, Hot in Cleveland, Nip/Tuck, Second Chances, Touched by an Angel, Twentysixmiles and Veronica Closet.

John Schneider is married to his second wife Elly Castle, they have three children Leah and Chasen (from Elly first marriage) and a daughter Karis. John used to be married to former Miss America Tawny Elaine Godin.

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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Marshall Bowman

Recurring Role


TV Credit

Movie Credit

1979-1985 The Dukes of Hazzard as Bo Duke

1989 Wild Jack as Jack McCall

1990 Grand Slam as Dennis Bakelenekoff

1992 Delta as Jimmy Word

1992 Loving as Larry Lamont

1993 Sisters as McGreevy

1993-1998 Dr Quinn Medicine Woman as Daniel Simon

1994 Burke's Law as Brett Scanlon

1994 Christy as Theodore Harland

1994 Heaven Help Us as Doug Monroe

1994 Second Chances as Richard McGill

1995-2001 Touched by an Angel as Joshua Winslow

1996 Kung Fu The Legend Continues as Latrodect

1996-2000 Diagnosis Murder as Michael Dern

1998 JAG as Sgt Clyde Morrison

1999 Walker Texas Ranger as Jacob Crossland

1999-2000 Veronica's Closet as Tom

2000-2001 Relic Hunter as Dallas Carter

2001 Twice in a Lifetime as Captain Luke Sellars

2001-2010 Smallville as Jonathan Kent

2005 Living with Fran as Tom Martin

2007 Journeyman as Dennis Armstrong

2007-2009 NipTuck as Ram Peters

2008 CSI Miami as Charles Brighton

2008-2009 The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Marshall Bowman

2009 CSI Crime Scene Investigation as Mickey Ross

2009 Curb Your Enthusiasm as Dennis

2009 Dirty Sexy Money as Congressman Skip Whatley

2009-2010 90210 as Jeffrey Sarkossian

2010 10000 Days as William Beck

2010 Dating in the Middle Ages as Jake Hagerty

2010 Desperate Housewives as Richard Watson

2010 Hero Factory as Preston Stormer

2010 Hot in Cleveland as Hank Szymborska

2010 Leverage as Mitchell Kirkwood

2010 Twentysixmiles as Jack Kincaid

1981 Dream House as Charley Cross

1983 Eddie Macons Run as Eddie Macon

1983 II Happy Endings as Nick Callohan

1985 Cocaine Wars as DEA Agent Cliff Adams

1985 Gus Brown and Midnight Brewster as Gus Brown

1986 Stagecoach as Buck

1987 Christmas Comes to Willow Creek as Ray

1987 The Curse as Willis

1988 Outback Bound as Jim Tully

1989 Ministry of Vengeance as David Miller

1989 Speed Zone as Donato

1990 Grand Slam as Dennis Hardball Bakelenekoff

1992 Highway Heartbreaker as Mickey

1993 Desperate Journey The Allison Wilcox Story as Eddie

1994 Bandit Bandit Bandit as Sheriff Enright

1994 Exit to Eden as Prof Collins

1994 Texas as Davy Crockett

1995 The Little CHP as Jack Sr

1996 Night of the Twisters as Jack Hatch

1996 The Legend of the Ruby Silver as Tommy Towne

1997 The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion as Bo Duke

1997 True Women as Sam Houston

1999 Michael Landon the Father I Knew as Michael Landon

1999 Sam Churchill Search for a Homeless Man as Sam Churchill

2000 Snow Day as Chad Symmonz

2000 The Dukes of Hazzard Hazzard in Hollywood as Bo Duke

2001 Lightning Fire from the Sky as Tom Dobbs

2002 Mary Christmas as Joel Wallace

2003 The Nick at Nite Holiday Special as Mr Schneider The Ski Instructor

2004 Earthquake 105 as Clark Williams

2005 An American Girl Adventure as Mr Edward Merriman

2006 Collier & Co as JR Collier

2006 Hidden Secrets as Gary Zimmerman

2007 Lake Placid 2 as Sheriff James Riley

2007 Sydney White as Paul White

2007 Youve Got a Friend as Jim Kliekan

2008 Beautiful Loser as Andre

2008 Conjurer as Frank Higgins

2008 Davie & Golimyr as Golimyr

2008 Ogre as Bartlett Henry

2008 Shark Swarm as Daniel Wilder

2009 Come Dance at My Wedding as Tanner Gray

2009 H2O Extreme as Crash

2009 Set Apart as Pastor John Gunn

2009 The Gods of Circumstance as Mick Jeremiah

2009 The Rebound as Trevor

2010 Back Nine as Ronnie Barnes

2010 Wild Things Foursome as Detective Frank Walker