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Jonathan Higgins is an actor best known for his role Chad Daniels on the science fiction series Odyssey 5. He made his TV debut in 1996 on the TV series Traders. Jonathan also had prominent role on the TV series Claddagh, Copper and The Dresden Files.

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1996 Traders as Mr Dundonald (1 episode)

1997 Fast Track as Pink Harris (1 episode)

1997 Once a Thief as Herbie (1 episode)

1998 Little Men as Thomas Ryan (1 episode)

1998 Soldier of Fortune Inc as Professor Joseph Gates (1 episode)

2001 Largo Winch as John Donovan (1 episode)

2001 Leap Years as Booth Danforth (2 episodes)

2002 Widows as Sgt Hodges (1 episode)

2002-2003 Odyssey 5 as Chad Daniels (6 episodes)

2002-2003 The Shield as Jasper (2 episodes)

2004 Wild Card as Norman Culver (1 episode)

2005 Missing as Ellis Wood (1 episode)

2006 Covert One The Hades Factor as Culver (1 episode)

2006 The Unit as Detective Harley Krost (1 episode)

2007-2008 The Dresden Files as Colm Dresden (4 episodes)

2008 The Border as Declan McKinnon (1 episode)

2008 XIII The Conspiracy as Calvin Wax (2 episodes)

2010 Flashpoint as Ben Rylan (1 episode)

2010 Lost Girl as Mitch (1 episode)

1998 Short for Nothing as Findlay

1998 Thanks of a Grateful Nation as George Littell

1999 Bonanno A Godfathers Story as Joe Kennedy

1999 Execution of Justice as Doug Schmidt

2000 Blessed Stranger After Flight 111 as Father Bell

2000 Bruiser as Det Rakowski

2000 The Bookfair Murders as Jonathan Matthews

2001 Bojangles as Darryl F Zanuck

2001 Final Jeopardy as Patrick Pat McKinney

2001 Life in the Balance as William Hock man

2002 No Good Deed as David Brewster

2002 RFK as Peter Edelman

2002 The Man Who Saved Christmas as Franklin Roosevelt

2003 A Woman Hunted as Harry Brewer

2003 Crooked E The Unshredded Truth About Enron as Greg McLainey

2003 I Beyond Borders as Philip

2004 A Different Loyalty as Colin Naylor

2005 Crimes of Passion as Jerry Dennings

2005 Guy X as Vord

2005 Martha Behind Bars as John Cuti

2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played as Embry Wallis

2007 Framed for Murder as Victor

2007 Housesitter as Frank

2008 True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet as Mr Sappey

2009 St Roz as Howard

2010 The Devils Teardrop as Cage