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Kate Trotter is a Canadian actress best known for her role Anne Sutton on the Showcase Television soap opera Paradise Falls and for her role Stella on the Comedy Central series Jane Show. Kate made her TV debut in 1981 on the TV series For the Record.

Kate Trotter in 1993 was cast as a recurring character on the PTEN action series Kung Fu the Legend Continues as Karen Simms the captain of the precinct who replaces Blaisdell after his departure.

Kate Trotter also had a recurring role on the Showcase Television soap opera Paradise Falls and the Comedy Central series Jane Shoe. She also had prominent role on the TV series Friday Curse, Lost Girl, Tell Me You Love Me, The Newsroom and Wild Roses.

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Lost Girl


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1984 Kate Morris Vice President as Kate (1 episode)

1985 Night Heat as Megan Davis (1 episode)

1985 The Ray Bradbury Theatre as Carol (1 episode)

1986 Philip Marlowe, Private Eye as Irma Dean (1 episode)

1986 The Campbells as Abigail Marchant (1 episode)

1987 Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future as Vi (1 episode)

1987-1993 Street Legal as Barbara Parker & Miriam Corbett (1 episode)

1988 Alfred Hitchcock Presents as Margaret Lord (2 episodes)

1988-1990 Friday's Curse as Effie Stokes & Anne Holloway & Dr Avril Carter (4 episodes)

1991 Beyond Reality as Marium (1 episode)

1991 Dracula The Series as Margo Burton (1 episode)

1992 Material World as Marie (1 episode)

1993-1996 Kung Fu The Legend Continues as Karen Simms (21 episodes)

1994 Side Effects as Jennifer Mateo (1 episode)

1995 Due South as Nurse Unger (1 episode)

1995 The Great Defender as Victoria (1 episode)

1996 TekWar as Dr Golden (1 episode)

1996 Traders as Trudy Kelly (2 episodes)

1998 Earth Final Conflict as Dr Park (3 episodes)

1998 Exhibit A Secrets of Forensic Science as Lilly Schmidt (1 episode)

2000 PSI Factor Chronicles of the Paranormal as Sandra (1 episode)

2001 La Femme Nikita as Myra Mauk (1 episode)

2001 Relic Hunter as Bette Ramer (1 episode)

2002 Monk as Kate Ashcombe (1 episode)

2002 Sue Thomas FBEye as Carla Thomas (3 episodes)

2003-2004 Blue Murder as Mrs Walsh (3 episodes)

2004 Missing as Rasha Pashi (1 episode)

2004 Paradise Falls as Anne Sutton (26 episodes)

2004 The Murdoch Mysteries as Donalda Rhodes (1 episode)

2004-2007 The Jane Show as Stella (27 episodes)

2005 Puppets Who Kill as Julie (1 episode)

2007 Across the River to Motor City as Mrs Alicia Smith (1 episode)

2007 Tell Me You Love Me as Lauren (3 episodes)

2007 The Best Years as June Hamilton (1 episode)

2008 Murdoch Mysteries as Stella Smart (1 episode)

2009 Being Erica as Professor Audrey Hogan (1 episode)

2009 The Good Germany as Lucille Collins (1 episode)

2009 Wild Roses as Nanna (4 episodes)

2010 Lost Girl as The Norn (1 episode)

1981 Dirty Tricks as Sally

1981 Les Plouffe as Suzan Connely

1981 Threshold as Ms Anderson

1984 That's My Baby as Karen

1985 Joshua Then and Now as Jane Trimble

1985 Murder in Space as Pamela Cooper

1985 The Suicide Murders as Myrna Yates

1988 Glory Enough for All as Edith Roach

1988 Martha Ruth & Edie as Mrs Peebles

1988 The First Season as Alex Cauldwell

1990 Clarence as Rachel Logan

1993 Romeo & Juliet as Lady Capulet

1995 Strauss The King of 3/4 Time as Klara

1995 I Bloodknot as Phyllis

1996 Golden Will The Silken Laumann Story as Mrs Laumann

1997 Marie Curie More Than Meets the Eye as Marie Curie

2001 You Belong to Me as Lois

2002 Master Spy The Robert Hanssen Story as Vivian Hanssen

2003 Fallen Angel as Callie

2003 Good Fences Becka

2003 Jasper Texas as Jamie Rowles

2003 I Beyond Borders as Mrs Bauford

2004 Lives of the Saints as Mrs Amherst

2004 Plain Truth as Sarah Fitch

2006 Cheaters' Club as Detective Rollins

2006 Len and Hugo as Margaret

2009 Taking a Chance on Love as Eve Miller

2009 Unstable as Constance

2010 Vacation with Derek as Felicia

2010 When Love Is Not Enough The Lois Wilson Story as Helen Griffiths