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Laverne Scott Caldwell is an American actress best known for her role Rose on ABC mystery drama Lost and for her role Margaret on the ABC family teen drama Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Laverne Caldwell was born on April 17, 1950 as Chicago, Illinois. She studied at the Northwestern University and the Loyola University Chicago where she graduated with a bachelor degree in Theater Arts and Communications. Laverne made her movie debut in the1983 movie Without a Trace.

In 2003 Laverne was cast as a main character on the CBS drama Queens Supreme as Rose Barnea a hard working judge critical of Kim Vicidomini. Laverne in 2004 had a recurring role on the ABC mystery drama Lost as Rose Nadler the wife of Bernard Nadler who separated from her husband when their plane crash into two separate section.

In 2008 Laverne was cast as a recurring character on the ABC family teen drama Secret Life of the American Teenager as Margaret the social worker and foster mother of the main character Ricky Underwood.

Laverne also had a prominent role on the TV series City of Angels, Judging Amy, Low Winter Sun and Southland. Laverne Caldwell used to be married to photographer and director Dasal Banks who died in 2005 from cancer.

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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Margaret Shakur

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TV Credit

Movie Credit

1988 The Cosby Show as Elizabeth

1988 TV 101 as Mrs Hines

1989 Alien Nation as Lyddie

1989 Hunter as Gloria Tessel

1989 LA Law as Wanda Havens

1989 Tour of Duty as Selma Binion

1990 Doogie Howser MD as Mrs Alexander

1990 The Outsiders as Barbra Richards

1991 Equal Justice as Mrs Ida Bolton

1991 thirtysomething as Alice

1992 The Heights as Joanne

1993 The New Adventures of Superman as Carol Sherman

1994 Melrose Place as Judge Maxine Marco

1995 Grace Under Fire as Carol Briscoe

1996 The Pretender as Gwen Porter

1997 Murder One as Anna Mae Brown

1998 Any Day Now as Mrs Opal Lee

1998 Promised Land as Jury Forewoman

1999 Chicago Hope as Bonnie Medina

1999 JAG as Mrs Flora Springs

1999-2000 Judging Amy as Tanya Miller

2000 City of Angels as Angela Patterson

2002 The Court as Anne Marie

2003 Nip/Tuck as Dr Reed

2003-2007 Queens Supreme as Judge Rose Barnea

2004-2006 ER as Dr Rabb

2004-2010 Lost as Rose Nadler

2006 Cold Case as Alice Stallworth

2006 Ghost Whisperer as Liz

2007 JoziH as Dr Laura Shields

2007 Saving Grace as Dee Reynolds

2007 State of Mind as Mrs Williams

2007 Without a Trace as Rev Anna Washington

2008 The Secret Life of the American Teenager as Margaret

2009 Southland as Enid Adams

1983 Without a Trace as Janet Smith

1988 God Bless the Child as Althea Watkins

1990 Dangerous Passion as Ruby

1991 Love Lies and Murder as Judge Starkey

1991 Up Against the Wall as Sandy Wilkes

1993 Extreme Justice as Devlin

1993 For the Love of My Child The Anissa Ayala Story as Rita

1993 The Fugitive as Poole

1993 The Switch as Mrs Linson

1995 Devil in a Blue Dress as Hattie May Parsons

1995 Down Came a Blackbird as Cerises

1995 Soweto Green as Cora

1996 Twilight Man as Det. Lou Shannon

1997 Weapons of Mass Distraction as Sen Condon

1999 Intimate Betrayal as Det. Sheila Monroe

1999 Mystery Alaska as Judge McGibbons

1999 The Last Man on Planet Earth as Ester Hope's Professor

2006 Gridiron Gang as Bobbi Porter

2009 Like Dandelion Dust as Allyson Bower

2009 Powder Blue as Nurse Gomez