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Molly Ringwald is an American actress best known for her role Samantha Baker on the movie Sixteen Candles and for her role Claire Standish on the movie Breakfast Club.

Molly Ringwald was born on 18 February 1968 in Roseville, California. Her mother Adele Edith worked as a chef and her father Robert Scott was a pianist. Molly has two siblings Elizabeth and Kelly. She began acting from the age of five appearing in a number of theatre production before she made her TV debut in 1979 on the NBC TV series Fact of Life.

Molly received a major break when she was cast on John Hughes 1984 movie Sixteen Candles where she portrayed a sixteen year old girl Samantha Baker who parents have forgotten their daughter birthday. Molly appear in John Hughes movie Breakfast Club as Claire Standish a spoiled popular girl who stuck in detention with a group of people with very different personality. Molly also appeared on the movie Pretty in Pink portraying Andie Walsh a young girl with a crush on a rich boy.

Molly received iconic status for her role in John Hughes movie which labelled her as an icon of the 80's a title which she resented and lead her to take on more mature role. In 1993 after filming in France for the movie Face the Music in Paris Molly decide to take a break from acting to settle down in France. Molly returned to America in 1995 making her returning debut in the thriller movie Malicious where she portrayed a female fatal obsessed with the man she had one night stand.

In 2008 Molly was cast as a main character on the ABC family teen drama Secret Life of the American Teenager as Anna Juergen the mother of the main character Amy Jurgens who discover her fifteen year old daughter is pregnant and her husband has been having an affair.

Molly also had recurring role in 1979 on the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life and in 1996 on the ABC sitcom Townies. Molly also had prominent role on the TV mini series The Stand.

Molly Ringwald is married to Greek-American writer and book editor Panio Gianopoulos, they have three children Mathilda and twins, Adele and Roman. Molly used to be married to French writer Valéry Lameignère.

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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Anne Juergens

Main Cast


TV Credit

Movie Credit

1979-1980 Diff'rent Strokes as Molly

1979-1980 The Facts of Life as Molly Parker

1986 Tall Tales & Legends as Jenny Smith

1994 The Stand as Frannie Goldsmith

1996 Remember WENN as Angela Colton

1996 Townies as Carrie Donovan

2000 The $treet as Devyn Alden

2000 The Outer Limits as Allison Channing

2006 Medium as Kathleen Walsh

1982 Tempest as Miranda Dimitrius

1983 Packing It In as Melissa Webber

1983 Spacehunter Adventures in the Forbidden Zone as Niki

1984 Sixteen Candles as Samantha Baker

1985 Surviving as Lonnie

1985 The Breakfast Club as Claire Standish

1986 Pretty in Pink as Andie Walsh

1987 King Lear as Cordelia

1987 PK and the Kid as PK Bayette

1987 The Pick up Artist as Randy Jensen

1988 For Keeps? as Darcy Elliot Bobrucz

1988 Fresh Horses as Jewel

1990 Betsys Wedding as Betsy Hopper

1990 Strike It Rich as Cary

1990 Women and Men Stories of Seduction as Kit

1992 Fatal Love as Alison Gertz

1993 Face the Music as Lisa Hunter

1994 Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade as Teresa Tatum

1994 Tous les jours dimanche as Janet Gifford

1995 Malicious as Melissa Nelson

1996 Baja as Bebe Stone

1996 Enfants de salaud as Susan

1997 Office Killer as Kim Poole

1998 Since You've Been Gone as Claire the Fan

1998 Titey as Anne Frank

1998 Twice Upon a Time as Beth Sager

1999 Kimberly as Nancy

1999 Requiem for Murder as Anne Winslow

1999 Teaching Mrs Tingle as Miss Banks

2000 I Cut as Vanessa Turnbill & Chloe

2000 In the Weeds as Chloe

2000 The Giving Tree as Penelope

2000 The Translator as Julie Newman

2001 Cowboy Up as Connie

2002 The Big Time as Marion Powers

2006 An American Girl on the Home Front as Mrs Helen McIntire

2006 The Wives He Forgot as Charlotte Saint John