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Peter Mensah is a Ghanaian born actor best known for his role Oenomaus on the Sparz action series Spartacus Blood and Sand and for his role Kibwe Akinjide on the HBO supernatural drama True Blood.

Peter Mensa was born in Ghana but was raised in St Albans, England. His father worked as an engineer and his mother worked as a writer. He also has two younger sisters. Peter migrated to Canada and worked for British Gas company developing gas fields at Morecomb Bay.

Peter Mensa made his TV debut in 1995 on the TV series Nancy Drew. In 2011 Peter was cast as a main character on the Sparz action drama Spartacus Blood and Sand as Doctore Oenomaus a former gladiator tasked with training new recruits at the house of Batiatus. Peter reprised his role Doctore Oenomaus for the prequel series Spartacus God of the Arena and the sequel Spartacus Vengeance.

Peter Mensa in 2012 had a recurring role on the HBO supernatural drama True Blood as Kibwe Akinjide a chancellor of the Authority who tried to capture Russell Edgington.

TV Credit

Movie Credit

1995 Nancy Drew as Simon

1997 Exhibit A Secrets of Forensic Science as Charles Ssenyonga

1998 F/X The Series as Vincent

1998 La Femme Nikita as Taylor

1998-1999 Earth Final Conflict as Alan

1999 Highlander The Raven as Raphael

2000 Deep in the City as Lang

2001 A Nero Wolfe Mystery as Arthur

2001 Blue Murder as Marlon Anderson

2001-2002 Witchblade as Hector Moby Mobius

2002 Tracker as Marak

2005 Enterprise as Daniel Greaves

2008 Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles as General Perry

2010 Spartacus Blood and Sand as Doctore

2011 Spartacus Gods of the Arena as Oenomaus

1998 The Long Island Incident as Hugh

2000 Enslavement The True Story of Fanny Kemble as Quaka

2000 The Golden Spiders A Nero Wolfe Mystery as Mort Erwin

2001 Harvard Man as Cyril

2001 Jason X as Sgt Brodski

2002 Conviction as T-Bone

2003 Tears of the Sun as Terwase

2006 300 as Messenger

2008 The Incredible Hulk as General Joe Greller

2009 Avatar as Horse Clan Leader