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Richard Howland is a Canadian born actor best known for his role Trick on the showcase Supernatural series Lost Girl.

Richard Howland was born on 19 June in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He studied acting at a number of universities before making his movie debut in the 2006 movie To Catch a Yeti playing the role of Blubber. At York University he formed the comedy troupe the Four Strombones which performed in comedy clubs around Toronto for a decade.

Richard in 2010 was cast as a main character on the showcase supernatural series Lost Girl as Trick a light Fae bar owner and grandfather of the main character Bo. Richard also had prominent role on the TV series Billable Hours and the TV mini series Tin Man.

TV Series

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Lost Girl


Main Cast


TV Credit

Movie Credit

1998 The Adventures of Shirley Holmes as Bernie Szabo (1 episodes)

1999 Traders as Rob Tiny Lewis (1 episodes)

2004 Sue Thomas F.B.Eye as Sal Roland (1 episodes)

2007 Tin Man as Red Katt (3 episodes)

2007-2008 Billable Hours as Computer Tech & Keach (4 episodes)

2008 Murdoch Mysteries as Miles Gorman (1 episodes)

1995 To Catch a Yeti as Blubber

1997 Cellar as Zoltan

1999 Jesse Ventura Story as Wrestler

2000 Martirio as Butler

2001 Club Land as Gump

2005 Crazy for Christmas as Kenny

2005 Short Tongue Freddy as Freddy

2006 Bon Cop Bad Cop as Harry Buttman

2006 Citizen Duane as Irate Pedestrian

2006 Santa Baby as Mr Elf

2007 Roommate as Paul

2009 Midgets vs Mascots as Rich