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Roger R Cross is a Jamaican born actor best known for his role Curtis Manning on the TV series 24 and for his role Joshua Bridges on the TV series First Wave. 


Roger Cross was born on October 19, 1969 in Christiana, Jamaica.  He made his TV debut in 1989 on the TV series 21 Jump Street.  His had recurring role on the TV series The Commish before he was cast as a main character on the TV series First Waves as Joshua Bridges an alien invader from another galaxy who begins to have doubts about his people invading the Earth. 


Roger appeared on the SCI FI mini series Taken as Walker a military captain who leads a group of solider into a crashed alien craft.  He was also a main character in 2002 legal drama series Just Cause. 


Roger received his big break when he was cast as one of the main characters on the TV series 24 as Curtis Manning a CTU field agent who helps Jack Bauer stop nuclear power plant from melting down.  Roger Cross also had prominent recurring roles on the TV series Gates, Guard and L Word. 

TV Credit

Movie Credit

1990 Wiseguy as Smash Cut

1992 Neon Rider as Riley

1992 The Hat Squad as Sid

1992-1993 Street Justice as Davey / Doug

1993 Madison as Officer Norm Michaels

1993 The Commish as Terry Cooper

1994 Cobra as First Robber

1994 MANTIS as Dixon

1994-1998 The X Files as Agent Rice / Lieutenant Brophy / Officer Green /

1995 Sliders as Wilkins

1995 Strange Luck as Bryant

1995-2001 The Outer Limits as Bartender / Jon / Kevin Flynn

1996 Highlander as Derek Worth

1996 The Sentinel as Captain Mathis

1997 Millennium as Officer Shaw

1997-1998 Stargate SG-1 as Captain Conner

1998-2001 First Wave as Joshua

1999 NASCAR Racers as Steve Flyer Sharp

2000 2gether The Series as Glenn Brummer

2000 Higher Ground as Roger Claypool

2000 Hollywood Off-Ramp as Devon Monk

2001 Andromeda as Carter

2001 UC Undercover as Captain Eddie Jackson

2002 Relic Hunter as Masters

2002 Taken as Captain Walker / Capt Walker

2002-2003 Just Cause as CJ Leon

2003 Enterprise as Tret

2003 Peacemakers as Isaac Evans

2003 The Twilight Zone as The Leader

2004 JAG as Lt Hugh Gaston

2004 The Days as Damien Morgan / Treys Dad

2005 The 4400 as Major Culp

2005-2007 24 as Curtis Manning

2007 Bionic Woman as Bomani

2008 NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service as Lt Cmdr David Warfield

2008-2009 The Guard as Jim McGregor

2009 Flashpoint as Anton Brand

2009 Fringe as Hybrid / Smith

2009 The L Word as Sunset Boulevard / Sonny Benson

2010 The Gates as Coach Ross

1993 Born to Run as Roscoe

1993 Judgment Day The John List Story as Dennis

1993 Miracle on Interstate 880 as Calvin

1994 Beyond Suspicion as Curtis

1994 Dont Talk to Strangers as Detective Barrett

1994 Spoils of War as Archie

1994 The Man Who Wouldnt Die as McKinnon

1995 Dangerous Intentions as Assistant DA Bob Melchor

1995 Gold Diggers The Secret of Bear Mountain as Paramedic

1995 Hideaway as Harry

1995 She Stood Alone The Tailhook Scandal as Marine Capt Talmadge

1995 The Surrogate as Guard

1996 Captains Courageous as Hannibal

1996 Suspicious Agenda as Johnson

1996 The Limbic Region as Brownlee

1997 Cloned as Frank Zago

1997 Cosmic Shock as Gibson

1997 Free Willy 3 The Rescue as 1st Mate Stevens

1998 American Dragons as Fiorino

1998 The Color of Courage as Thurgood Marshall

1998 Voyage of Terror as Robert Fernandez

1999 Aftershock Earthquake in New York as Allen

1999 Double Jeopardy as Hotel Manager

2000 A Fathers Choice as Detective Ross

2000 Beautiful Joe as Roscoe Lee

2000 Sole Survivor as Dr Smithi

2001 Trapped as Chief Edwards

2002 Ballistic Ecks vs Sever as Zane

2002 Deadly Little Secrets as Elliot Kincaid

2002 Interceptor Force 2 as Nathan McCallister

2002 Kid Bang as Cee Note

2002 Liberty Stands Still as Officer Miller

2003 X-Men 2 as Oval Office Agent Cartwright

2004 The Chronicles of Riddick as Toal

2005 Kings Ransom as Byron

2008 Mad Money as Barry

2008 The Day the Earth Stood Still as General Quinn

2009 Playing for Keeps as Ty Rivers