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Britney Allen life is complicated when her father losses his job and she has to move to another school.   She tried to join the cheerleading squad only to bump head against the captain off the squad.  She also has to compete against her own school which she personally trained. 

Cindy Chiu as Amber

Amber is a Pacific Vista cheerleader and friend of Britney. She didnít approve of Winnie leadership and often stands up to Winnie. She eventually became the cheerleading captain after Winnie loses the position.

Conni Marie Brazelton as Mrs Webster

Danielle Savre as Brianna

Brianna is a Pacific Vista cheerleader been picked on by Winnie who demand she lose weight or be kicked off the team.

Francia Raisa as Leti

Leti is the second in command of the cheerleading squad of Crenshaw Heights after her captain Camille. Leti is friend with Camille but nobody take Leti advise seriously when she in charge.

Giovonnie Samuels as Kirresha

Gus Carr as Jesse

Leti is a cheerleader at Crenshaw Height second in charge after her friend Camille but no one bothers to listen to her suggestion or take her seriously.

Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen

Britney Allen was the captain of the cheerleading squad Pacific Vista but after her father lost his job she had to transfer to another school. She tried to continue her cheerleading by joining her new school cheerleading squad Crenshaw Heights which lead to her coming into conflict with her former squad.

Britney tried to continue her relationship with her boyfriend Brad Warner despite moving another school but broke up with him after learning he cheated on her with Winnie Harper.

Jake McDorman as Brad Warner

Brad Warner is Britney former boyfriend and the school quarterback for Pacific Vista. Britney and Brad agreed to continue their relationship despite her moving but Brad ended up cheating on Britney with Winnie. Britner after discovering Brad cheated on her ended their relationship.

Kiersten Warren as Pam Allen

Pam Allen is Britney mother and a former cheerleader who managed to convinced her daughter to trying out for the cheerleading squad at Crenshaw Heights.

Solange Knowles as Camille

Camille is the captain of the Crenshaw Heights squad who was sceptical of Britney joining the squad but welcome her to the team when she realised the team needed Britney.