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Joker and his crew break into a bank owned by the local mob and start stealing money.  After each crew member is done there are shot by another member of the crew until only the joker remains. 


The three local mob bosses concerned abut their money laundering operation talk to the accountant Lau who has taken their money to Hong Kong for safe keeping.  The joker barges into the meeting offering to kill Batman in exchange for half the mob money which they refuse.


Batman goes after Lau in Hong Kong using Lucius Fox to plant a signal tracking device so he could easily infiltrate the building and escape with Lau.  Lau makes a deal with the district attorney Harvey Dent offering up his client in exchange for protection and travel back to his home country. 


James begins rounding up every mob man involved in the money laundering operation forcing the mob to accept the joker offer.  The joker assassinates Commissioner Loeb and the judge presiding over Harvey case.  The joker tries to kill Harvey at Wayne manor but is prevented by Batman.  Joker also tries to assassinate the mayor but James step between the bullets and dies. 


Joker wanting to known the identity of Batman threatens to kill people everyday unless Batman reveals his identity which forces Harvey Dent to claim he is Batman.  As the joker tries to kill Harvey he prevented by Batman and James Gordon who had faked his death in order to capture the joker. 


The Joker has Harvey and Rachel kidnapped and placed in separate building with explosion to go off at the same time which forces Batman to save Harvey Dent but the district attorney face is badly wounded.  James tries to save Rachel but she killed in the explosion.  As Batman and James are busy Joker manages to escape from prison with Lau. 


An employee of Wayne enterprise Coleman Reese goes on TV to reveal the identity of Batman but the joker stops him by threatening to blow up a hospital in Gotham unless Reese is killed in sixty minutes.


As the hospital is evacuated Joker manages to convince Harvey Dent to go after people responsible for the death of Rachel.  Joker also rig two ship two explode one carrying civilians and the second a bunch of criminals.  He gives each crew the detonator to blow up the other ship and threaten to blow up both ships unless one of them is destroyed.  The passenger consider blowing up the other ship but arent able to pull the trigger. 


Batman manages to find the Joker using Lucius Fox signal tracking device and manages to capture him.  The joker believes he won because he has manages to turn Harvey Dent into a murder.  After killing several cops responsible for Rachel kidnapping, Harvey has gone after James Gordon wife and son.  He forces James to choose which of them is going to die but Batman prevents him from killing them by tackling Harvey who falls to his death. 


Batman wanting Harvey memory to remain a symbol of hope convinces James to hold him publicly responsible for the death caused by Harvey.  A manhunt goes out for Batman and James destroys the bat signal.