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TV Series


A female student who killed herself returns to haunt her professor, security guard uses dust from mars to cure his wife from cancer but realizes the cure is worse than the disease and hitch hikers resort to cannibalism to survive after getting trapped in cave. 

Adrienne Wehr as Audrey

Amanda Frost as Allison Knowles

Amy Lynn Best as Nurse Fletcher

Barret Hackney as Craig

Bjorn Ahlstedt as Ben

Carla Bianco as Janet Weaver

Emily Monahan as Joelle Weaver

Ian Harding (V) as Ryan

Jessica Kennedy as Lauren

John Romualdi as Richard Weaver

John Shepard as George

Larry John Meyers as Arbogast

Liz DuChez as Donna

Mark Hofmann (II) as Dr Owen

Nathan Hollabaugh as Matt

Patrick Jordan (V) as Gary

Sam Redford as Alex

Sam Turich as Carson

Sara Monahan as Amity Weaver