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Nolan Byrd is a shy kid been bullied by Bubba Bixby.  When his school teacher ask the class to do a computer project Nolan decided to follow and document Bubba in action. 

After airing the video on a website he takes on the alter ego form Shredderman to document events at school and his local community airing it on his website. 

Alexandra Krosney as Tina

Andrew Caldwell (II) as Alvin Bubba Bixby

Alvin Bubba Bixby was the school bully who picked on Nolan and other kids at his school. Bulla got into trouble after his bullying was filmed and aired on the Shredderman website.

Annie Abbott as Miss Surkit

Chad W Smathers as Randy

Clare Carey as Mom

Curtis Armstrong as Mayor Izzo

Daniel Roebuck as Bob Bixby

Bob Bixby is a businessman and the father of Alvin Bubba Bixby. He plans on dumping waste into the local pond to save money.

Dave Coulier as Dad

Devon Werkheiser as Nolan Byrd

Nolan Bryd an 8th grader student who begins documenting events and airing them on his website Shredderman. He keeps his identity a secret as he documents events around his school and local neighbourhood.

Nolan first documentary was the school bully Bubba but later he began investigating Bubba father Bob Bixby who planned on dumping waste into the local pond.

Francia Raisa as Isabel

Isabel is a student at Nolan school. Nolan asks her out on a date which she accepts. She is curious about the identity of Shredderman.

Julianna McCarthy as Grandma

Justin Lee (II) as Todd

Kendre Berry as Max

Kyle Sanders as Wall Eyed Wally

Marisa Guterman as Miriam

Mindy Sterling as Dr Sheila Voss

Tim Meadows as Mr Green