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Kat and Bianca Stratford two very different sister began their first day at their new high school.  Bianca hopes to become popular trying to suck up to the popular cheerleading captain Chastity Church but find herself falling for her boyfriend Joey.  Kat is the strong independent girl who begins to be drawn to the school bad boy Patrick Verona.

Chris Zylka as Joey Donner

Joey Donner is the school football player who wants to become a model. He was dating the school popular girl Chastity Church but began to have feeling for Bianca Stratford. After his break up with Chastity he began dating Bianca.

Dana Davis as Chastity Church

Chastity Church is the popular rich girl that was captain of the cheerleading squad. She often got her own way because her father was rich and was a powerful member of the school board.

Ethan Peck as Patrick Verona

Patrick Verona is the school bad boy and the boyfriend of Katherine Stratford. He a loner often spends his time getting into trouble. He in therapy for unknown reason and was seeing chatting up girls often before he began dating Kat.

Larry Miller as Walter Stratford

Walter Stratford is the father of the Stratford girls Katherine and Bianca Stratford. He raised both his daughter after the death of their mother. Walter works as a gynaecologist that has made him paranoid about his daughter having sex and ending up pregnant.

Lindsey Shaw as Katherine Stratford

Katherine Stratford is the oldest daughter of the Stratford family. Kat is more mature and independent than her younger sister Bianca. She is also passionate about several causes including animal right and environment causes.

Meaghan Martin as Bianca Stratford

Bianca Stratford is the younger daughter of the Stanford family. Bianca is obsessed with popularity and becoming accepted by her peers. She tried to suck her to the popular cheerleader Chastity Church so she could become popular and join the cheerleading squad.

Nicholas Braun as Cameron James