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Chuck is a comedy action series which airs on NBC.  The story revolves around an ordinary computer nerd having his head download with all the government secret working with spies to save the day.  The show was created and produced by Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak.



Chuck Bartowski (played by Zachary Levi) is a computer nerd working at a retail store after been expelled from Stanford University.  His old friend Bryce Larkin (played by Matthew Bomer) a rouge CIA agent sends him an e-mail that download all the government secret of the NSA and CIA into his brain. 


Chuck is pursued by Sarah Walker (played by Yvonne Strahovski) from the CIA and John Casey (played by Adam Baldwin) from the NSA.  They soon realize Chuck is able to access the information though flashing.  They are assigned to protect Chuck at all cost while at the same time using his brain to uncover information which could be useful for the agency.


Chuck has to keep his secret spy life from his sister Ellie Bartowski (Sarah Lancaster) and her boyfriend Captain Awesome aka Devon Woodcomb while living at their house. 



Chuck received high reviews from critics and brought in large number of viewers when it first aired.  Chick was one of the first series to be renewed in 2008.  The second season had more difficulty as it drop viewers making fans of the show to launch several major campaigns to save the show. 


The third season was renewed with 13 episodes which were later followed by nine more episodes.  The last few episodes had low number of viewers but the show was renewed for a fourth season with 13 episodes with a possibility of nine more episodes. 



Vik Sahay who plays Lester auditioned for the role of Morgan but lost to Joshua Gomez.  The producer offered Sahay the role of Lester and expanded the character role.