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Eureka is a Sci Fi series about Sheriff Jack Carter who works in a unique town where the residents are genius scientist.  The resident scientific experiment has consequences which could threaten the town and sometimes the whole world.


Carter job is to investigate any anomalies and incident to it source.  He often uses his friend Henry scientific explanation of what could be wrong on how to solve the problem.  Henry is often able to simply the scientific problems for Carter allowing him to understand and offers ideas on how he could save the day. 


The series began airing in July 2006 has been currently running for 4 season.



Jack Carter (played by Colin Ferguson) is escorting his runaway daughter home when he crashes in the town of Eureka.  After solving a missing kid case and the local sheriff legs are removed in a space time anomalies Carter is brought into GD by Allison Blake (played by Salli Richardson Whitfield)


First Case

Carter discovers the time space anomaly is the result an experiment of Walter Perkins who invented a tachyon accelerator.  Unfortunately they are unable to stop the anomaly because part of the equation is missing. 


Carter notices the equations on the board are similar to Allison autistic son Kevin was writing.  He brings Kevin to GD where they are able to shut down the device thanks to Kevin help. 


Sheriff Carter

Carter returns to Los Angelus but he transferred to Eureka as the new town sheriff.  He has some difficulty with his deputy Jo Lupo (played by Erica Cerra) who angry she didnt get the sheriff job. 


Working during dozen of cases Jack and Lo begins to bond as friends and colleague.  Jack gets a new place in an underground bunker which is a nice home built with an artificial intelligent.  Jack daughter returns to Eureka to live with her father.  The family makes there life in Eureka as Zoe begins school in Eureka. 


Nathan Stark and the Artefact

Allison ex-husband Nathan Stark returns to Eureka as the head of GD.  He instantly dislikes Carter especially since he has feeling for Allison.  Nathan also becomes obsessed about an Artefact which is believed to be the Akashic field a theoretical subspace nexus of all the knowledge of the Universe.  Stark uses Kim to extract a particle from the artefact but there an accident killing her. 


Henry Altering History

Henry who has feeling for Kim goes back in time to save her.  It works for four years but strange events from the past begin to happen in Eureka.  Kim body is discovered at GD near the artefact much to the alternative Kim surprise. 


Henry admits he went back in time to save Kim from an accident which is casing the time anomaly.  He sends Carter back in time to stop himself from saving Kim so things would go back to normal.   He later erases Cater memory so he wont remember the future. 


Allison is given the job as the director of GD.  Three scientists near the explosion where Kim was killed begin to combust one by one because of the radiation released by the explosion near the artefact.  Stark discovers the artefact to be dead.  They discover Stark life could be saved by removing the radiation by shocking his brain. 


Kevin the Akashic Field

Kevin was also near the explosion but he doesnt appear to be infected by the radiation because the artefact energy Akashic field has been transferred to him. 


He is able to use the Akashic field to save his mother life when she about to die.  The energy of the Artefact is too powerful for Eric so Henry teams up with Beverly Barlowe a member of the consortium a secret group who have been trying to get access to the artefact in order to save Kevin. 


Henry creates Level Red Bio hazard Alert in GD in order to access a transportation device within a secret area of the building underground.  He uses the transportation device to remove the Akashic field from Kevin.  Beverly manages to escape use the transportation but Henry is arrested for creating a Bio hazard Alert. 


Stark Death

Stark ask Allison to marry him again.  During Allison and Stark wedding day Jack goes into time loop which makes him relieve the day.  Stark sacrifice his life in order to make sure time returns to normal.  Allison is heartbroken to learn of Stark death and to learn she is pregnant with his child. 


Eva Thorne

Eva Thorne is assigned to Eureka to make the town more profitable.  She has Henry released from jail because of his skills.  Eva herself has a hidden agenda involving an underground military base which was built before Eureka. 


It later discovered she over 107 years old because of an accident that happen within the bunker.  Throne has retuned to Eureka in order to bury the place. 


She later helps Zoe when she infected as a result of being in the bunker. 

Throne sacrifices a cure her brother made for her in order to save Zoe.  Carter is order to arrest Throne but he allows her to leave Eureka and is fired by General Mansfield. 


Sheriff Andy

Jack is replaced by the android Sheriff Andy who becomes a target of gravitational anomalies. Carter offers to help stop the anomaly when the new sheriff refuses due to the low chances of survival.  Andy has a change of heart as he observed Carter dedication to the job. 


Together they are able to save the town.  Andy decides the town is safer with Carter as the sheriff.  He points out Eureka mayor has to approve the termination of the Sheriff. Carter best friend Henry decides since he never fired Carter he still the town Sheriff. 


Columbus Space Craft

An alien signal is detected in Eureka which is a precursor to alien landing in Eureka.  The town residents are being controlled by the alien signal which makes them create a landing pad.  When ship arrives on Earth Henry identifies as the USA vessel Columbus which he built 20 years along with Kim. 


A clone of Kim was also found on the ship because the ship created her to store additional data after it run out of space.  Clone Kim contains all the data of Columbus and an antidote of a virus which has infected Eureka.  Henry manages to use Kim antidote to save Eureka. 


Alternative Timeline

During founders day Kevin plays around with Einstein device which transport Jack and the crew of Eureka to the founding of Eureka in the 40s.  They meet Trevor Grant a colleague of Einstein who helps them return to their timeline. 


They return to find an alternative Eureka because of the changes cause by their present in the 1940s and because Trevor use the device to transport himself into the future.  They find themselves stuck in the alternative Eureka when the bridge device is destroyed by an anomaly.