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FlashForward is science fiction series revolving around a special FBI team investigating the FlashForward a special event where people blackout for 137 seconds.


The series was a novel written by Robert J. Sawyer before it was created by Brannon Braga and David Goyer as a series.  The series was cancelled after the first season. 



FBI Special Agent Mark Benford (played by Joseph Fiennes) blacks out and FlashForward to six month into the future where he finds himself investigating why people blackout.  He also finds people are coming to kill him.


When he wakes up after 137 second he finds people have blackout and flashed into the future like him.  Using his flash vision he investigates who cause the blackout.  


He supported by his partner Special Agent Demetri Noh (played by John Cho) who blackout but didnt see anything.  He begins to believe the reason he didnt see anything was because he going to be dead in six month.  FBI Special Agent Janis Hawk (played by Christine Woods) who works with Mark and Demetri see herself having a sonogram. 


Mark wife Olivia Benford (played by Sonya Walger) during her blackout finds herself romantically involved with Lloyd Simcoe (played by Jack Davenport) a man she has never met before. 



FlashForward received positive reviews when it first aired.  It also had large amount of viewers but the number began to decline as the series progress.  The series was eventually cancelled after it first season. 



The series was based on the novel FlashForward written by Robert Sawyer.  In the book people flash 21 years into the future. 


Jack Davenport and Sonya Walger both worked together in the UK TVSeries Coupling.