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TV Series


Taylor Henning has difficulty with her new job at Metropix studio until her boss daughter Quinn decides to teach Taylor how to make it in Hollywood by outsmarting her opponent. 

Brian Hallisay as Sebastian Davis

Sebastian Davis is a Hollywood agent who good at using his charms to get his client what they want.

Ian Harding (V) as Jamie Hunter

Jamie Hunter is a wannabe actor working at the mailroom of Metropix studio.

Kelsey Sanders as Taylor Henning

Taylor Henning is an office assistant working at Metropix studio. She grew up in Kansas which hasnít prepared her to deal with cutthroat environment of Hollywood. Taylor is befriended by her bosses daughter Quinn who decides to teach her how to make it in Hollywood.

Lili Simmons as Quinn Whitaker

Quinn Whitaker is the daughter of Iris Whitaker the president of Metropix studio. After seen Taylor been overwhelmed at work Quinn decides to take her under her wing to show her how to compete in Hollywood.

Lori Alan as Iris Whitaker

Iris Whitaker is the president of Metropix studio and the mother of Quinn Whitaker. She is a no non sense women and the boss of Taylor Henning.

Veronica Taylor (IV) as Kylie Arthur

Kylie Arthur is a former sorority girl who extremely competitive and will do any thing to get ahead.