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Mary Shannon is a US Marshall working to protect people in the witness protection program while trying to balance her personal life. 

as Scott Griffin

Scott Griffin is the half brother of Mary Shannon from their father side. When Mary discovered she had a brother she went looking for him so she could bring him home to Albuquerque.

Cristian de la Fuente as Raphael Ramirez

Raphael Raph Ramirez was the former fiancÚ of Mary Shannon. He used to be a minor league baseball player until he was injured. He became engaged to Mary but called off the engagement when Mary admitted she had doubt about their future marriage.

Francia Raisa as Olivia Morales

Frederick Weller as Marshall Mann

Marshall Mann is a US Marshall working for witness protection program. He is the partner of Mary Shannon and has feeling for her. Marshall tends to use his intelligent at work in contrast to his Mary who tends to rely more on her instinct.

Holly Maples as Eleanor Prince

Eleanor Prince was the office manager of the witness protection program. Eleanor had difficulty dealing with Mary Shannon abrasive work style but has come to her aid during Mary investigation. Eleanor left the witness department program to take position as an analyst with the FBI.

Joshua Malina as Peter Alpert

Peter Alpert is Brandi finance. He is a successful businessman who met Brandi during Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. They soon started dating which led to their engagement.

Lesley Ann Warren as Jinx Shannon

Jinx Shannon is the mother of Mary and Brandi Shannon. She used to be married but her husband left her to raise their two children. Jinx used to be an alcoholic but has become stable and dependable.

Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon

Nichole Hiltz as Brandi Shannon

Brandi Shannon is the younger sister of Mary Shannon and the younger daughter of Jinx Shannon. Brandi was involved with Chuck a drug trader but when she discovered a young child in the hand of drug addict she tried to get witness protection for the child which led to her older sister been kidnapped.

Steven Weber as Michael Faber

Michael Faber is an FBI agent who was working with Mary on a case. They began a relationship but Mary convinced him to return to his ex-wife and children.

Todd Williams (III) as Robert Dershowitz

Robert Dershowitz is a homicide detective often investigating cases related to Mary Shannon federal witnesses. Robert has an antagonist relationship with Mary not liking her department for allowing criminal to go free rather than pay for their crimes.

Will McCormack as Robert OConnor

Robert OConnor is an FBI agent responsible for investigating murders related to drug dealing Brandi was involved in. He has focused his search on Brandi to the point he began investigating Mary and her father.