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Harmon Rabb and Sarah MacKenzie are military lawyers are assigned to investigate crimes committed by Navy personnel.  They argue in the courtroom and find themselves in adventures while trying to discover the truth. 

Catherine Bell as Sarah MacKenzie

Sarah MacKenzie is a marine lawyer and partner of Harmon Rabb. She has a strong passion for Justice despite growing up in an abusive home.

David Andrews as Gordon Cresswell

Gordon Cresswell was the new Judge Advocate General of the Navy. He succeeded Albert Jethro Chegwidden when he decided to retire. Gordon was a tough boss but managed to win over the JAG officers.

David James Elliott as Harmon Rabb

Harmon Rabb is an aircraft pilot who became a lawyer after falsely been diagnosed with night blindness. He continued working as a lawyer despite having eye surgery which cleared his blurry vision (which was caused by damaged suffered during combat).

John M Jackson as Albert Jethro Chegwidden

Albert Jethro Chegwidden was a tough no-nonsense Judge Advocate General of the Navy. He was well respected among his officers who were sad to see him retire.

Karri Turner as Harriet Sims

Harriet Sims was an office administrator at JAG and the wife of the JAG lawyer Budrick Roberts. Harriet came from a wealthy family who didnít understand her carer choice of serving in the navy.

Patrick Labyorteaux as Budrick Roberts

Budrick Roberts is a JAG lawyer who used to work as a public affair officer on the USS Seahawk. He became interested in JAG after meeting Harmon Rabb who was investigating a murder.

Scott Lawrence as Peter Ulysses Turner

Peter Turner is a friend and rival of Harmon Rabb. After working in submarine he became a lawyer and found himself on the opposite side of the courtroom to his former classmate Harmon Rabb.

Tracey Needham as Megan Austin

Megan Austin was Harmon Rabb partner replacing Caitlin Pike. She continued working with Harmon until she was prompted and replaced by Sarah MacKenzie.

Zoe McLellan as Jennifer Coates

Jennifer Coates is JAG officer. She came from a home with a strict and abusive father. She was assigned to Harmon after abandoning her position but cleaned up her act after spending Christmas Day with the JAG officers.