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TV Series


A group of young recruit being their first tour in Iraq.   

Erik Palladino as Chris Silas

Francia Raisa as Sawa

Jimmy Jax Pinchak as Eddy

Josh Henderson as Bo Rider

Bo Texas Rider Jr is a Private First Class in the third division who joined the military in the hopes he could take advantage of GI Bill in order to compete his study after his enlistment was finished.

Bo suffered a leg injury after driving over a land mine and had to have his leg amputated. Bo hoped to return to service despite the protest of his wife Terry Rider.

Keith Robinson (III) as Avery King

Keith Robinson (III) as Maurice Williams

Lizette Carrion as Esmeralda Del Rio

Lombardo Boyar as Sergio Del Rio

Luke Macfarlane as Frank Dumphy

Frank "Dim" Dumphy is a Private who came from a well off family but chose to join the military. Frank prefers a non leadership role and is sometime conflicted with orders he has to carry out. He has an alcoholic wife and emotionally disturbed stepson.

Nicki Aycox as Brenda Mitchell

Omid Abtahi as Tariq Nassiri

Sprague Grayden as Terry Rider