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Stargate SG1 is a spin off series from the Stargate movie. The show is a military science fiction series about a military team going though a wormhole to other planets to defend the earth from alien threats.  The show was created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner.



The Stargate is retired after the first team returns to earth until the Stargate is activated bringing a man with glowing eyes and a group of armed guards who attack Stargate command. 


Jack O’Neil (played by Richard Dean Anderson) is brought back into service where he confesses Ra was killed but Daniel Jackson (played by Michael Shank) is still alive living with the people of Abydos.


Jack is sent with a team to retrieve Dr Jackson with Colonel Samantha Carter (played by Amanda Carter) tagging along with extensive knowledge of the Stargate. 


In Abydos Samantha and Dr Jackson discovers a cartouche which will allows them to access different Stargate all over the galaxy.  While studying the cartouche Daniel wife Share (played by Vaitiare Bandera) and her brother Skaara (played by Alexis Cruz) are abducted by aliens with glowing eye who Dr Jackson identify as Apophis (played by Peter Williams). 


The military identify Apophis and his race as a threat to earth. They create teams who mission is to travel to other world and bring back advanced technology that could defend earth. 


Colonel O’Neil leads SG1 with Captain Carter and Dr Jackson.  They are later joined by Teal'c the head personal guard who resent being slave to Apophis and hopes by helping SG1 he will be able to save his people. 



Stargate SG1 was given the greenlight to produce the first two seasons consisting of 44 episodes.  The premiere episode received the highest rating for a series premiere on showtime. 


The show continues to bring in subscribers which brought another three season doe the show.  During the fifth season showtime decided to cancer the show because it wasn’t bringing in new subscribers since Stargate SG1 was widely available in syndication.


The Sci Fi channel brought the right to the show.  Filming for a sixth season began at a reduced budget.  The show was supposed to be cancelled after the sixth season but the viewer number allowed the show to be brought back.  The producer expected each season to be last until the end of season 8 they decided to change the show drastically. 


They thought about renaming the show but the idea was dropped since it might have lost viewers.  The show was drastically changed with new characters and villains.  The show continued for two more seasons before it was finally cancelled. 


A movie was produced to finish of the of the series arc which was followed by a second movie.  The producers have stated they would like to see several Stargate movies down the line.   


The Stargate franchise also launched two series Stargate Atlantis which aired for five seasons and is expected to continue in movies and the Stargate Universe series which has been renewed for a second season. 



Vaitiare Bandera who plays Share in the series auditioned for the same role in the Stargate movie but the role went to actress Mili Avital.


Vaitiare Bandera was pregnant with her husband Michael Shank child when her character Share appeared pregnant with Apophis child in season 2. 


The Asgard Thor is voiced by Michael Shanks, Heimdall is voiced by Teryl Rothery and Loki is voiced by Peter DeLuise.


Dan Shea who appears Sergeant Walter Harriman in the show in real life is the stunt coordinator.