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Daggon an alien officer arrive on earth to capture 218 prisoners who escaped from prison.  He assumed the form of a human male model and takes the name Cole.  He becomes friend with a bartender Mel Porter who offers him guidance as he tried to append the fugitives. 

Adrian Paul as Daggon

Daggon (Adrian Paul) an alien officer send to earth to retrieve 218 fugitives who escaped from prison. He took on human form from an under wear model as well as the name Cole.

He soon became friend with a bar owner who offered him a place to stay and her old boyfriend clothes. He began to look to Mel for advice in how to blending with humans as tried to capture his fugitives.

Amy Price Francis as Mel Porter

Mel Porter (Amy Price Francis) is a bar owner who become friends with Draggon. Mel was suspicious of Cole at first but eventually warm up to him offering him her old boyfriend clothes and a place to stay. She soon began to offer him guidance as he tried to append the fugitives.

Mel inherited her Bar from her grandmother along with a British bartender.

Geraint Wyn Davies as Zin

Zin (Geraint Wyn Davies) is a brilliant scientist who helped 218 convict escape from prison. He also created a wormhole which allowed the prisoner to escape to Earth. He set himself as a mafia boss on Earth but has much large ambition.